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Ad Presentations is a servicemark of the Artsho Corp.

Our internet advertising campaign options
Managed by the Artsho Corp.

Several of the options Artsho Corp. provides online are: 
Text links in web site text link pages; 
Text links on web site front door pages; 
Dedicated web pages (with or without photos); 
Banner advertisement at the top of many pages 
(and/or bottoms) on one or numerous web sites; 
Banner advertising on the same set of pages on many sites; 
Magazine article excerpts quoted within dedicated web pages; 
Magazine advertisements presented within dedicated web pages. 

Middle men are excluded between Artsho and our advertisers.

Another advantage to those advertising with Artsho is 
that Artsho does not subcontract. Services are overseen 
and managed on Artsho's own corporate e-commerce sites, 
already setup and providing abundant advertising choices.

Have Artsho Corp. propose a campaign based upon our own 
extensive list of in-house internet marketing resources. 

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